The Bailly-Creat Laboratory mobilizes know-how and competence to deliver optimal quality products and total safety for the patients. Working on a fleet of high-performance regularly reviewed machines, our teams ensure close monitoring and permanent control of production. Our quality system enables continuous process improvement.

Powder mixtures production for tablets and capsules

  • Wet granulation process
  • Dry mixing process

Tablets and capsules production

  • Three rotary tabletting machines
  • Round tablets (4mm to 15mm), flat, curved faced, engraved, oblong
  • Capsule filling machines : size 4 > 00             

Tablets coating

  • 1 tablets coating machine
    • staining
    • residual dust removal
    • patients comfort improving


  • Three blisters lines for semi-automatic packaging :
    • Blister packaging aluminium / PVC of capsules and tablets  : 1 to 30 capsules / tablets per blister
    • Sleeving : 1 to 20 blisters per sleeve
    • Embossing or inking of variable mentions : batch number, expiry date, datamatrix
    • Stickers application for product inviolability on the sleeves and serialisation of individual codes

Daily monitoring of the production across the departments for continuous improvement.

Pharmaceutical operations under permanent control

  • Batch records with a 100% traceability over all operations
  • Quality system and working methods to ensure products quality and patients safety

Control laboratory

  • Chemical and microbiological raw materials analysis
  • Chemical and microbiological production analysis
  • Packaging items control

Leading edge equipment for a good products batching and analysis

  • High-performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  • Gas Chromatography (GC)

Cleaning of equipment

  • Semi-automatic equipment cleaning
  • Regular control of equipment cleanliness

Shipping and delivery

  • Order picking for pharmacies, hospitals, export

Storage warehouse

  • Three 1800m2 storage warehouses embedding temperature control

Suitable working environment 

  • Production facilities with monitored and controlled air treatment (class-D)
  • Suitable technical workshop
  • Dedicated administrative departments : accounting, human resources, procurement, sales